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Svetspalonos / Off-site Show by Sophia Belkin, Dave Greber and Kanrec Sakul at Južná trieda 82, Košice 2019


“The latest twist on the tiny grains
of light or hearty laughter through the sewers,
where a group of stale food and for the living
beside which it is rooted like a wet candle,
lying on the plate, and of tiny drops of water,
Massages me relaxed in a pretty extreme way.

Having myself refreshed
but for the development of self.
A mountain is, The ocean is,
Unlike a drop of steamy water
which loses its identity when it joins the ocean,
With endless series of tempting little details,
Its works are independent.

After giving birth to my daughter,
born not for the development of discipline
and self-control inside you,
Frankly, I’d be more interested in
pampering rivers, ponds,
lakes, actions, speeches, and thoughts.
They all have different names,
they all shine the light of your thankful thoughts.

Just as I am building a fire, and everyday I burn,
so put me in the hot tub and give me a massage.
They all equipped you to handle a state of grace,
the soul is fuel and they beat you with branches,
And take an extra nap.

Ever since a friend of well limpid appreciation
by putting a little broth on the plate,
flow only streams of the presence of good.

Even so, I love the consequences whether good or bad,
Its works pleasing both our heat-seeking Darkness,
for it acknowledges rising from the River of Life,
I light a match and I find them really relaxing.
It is the hottest form of prayer.

If you see no reason to give thanks,
the fault lies in yourself.
When you rise in the morning, make them grow!
They’re in there with their beauty thumbs,
moving stuff around, getting pummeled and scrubbed,
And my skin feels calm and even far-reaching. ”